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This BETA is considered as without any warranty as for its capabilities

Miscellaneous Notes - Please Read! (Newest at Top)

Subject/Date: Notes:
Release News: (28-June-2012) - Fixed off by one dates on calendars (History, etc...)
- Minor change in text on Quit Requester (Quit vs Ok)
Release News: (17-June-2012) - Fixed problem with server changing part of HTTP headers
Rerelease News: (23-May-2004) - Due to a fatal HD failure with only a one year old backup available, AmigaJournal 0.9712 Beta had to be reimplemented from the latest backup. This should be functionally identical to the previous release.
Release News: (01-March-2004) - AmigaJournal 0.9712 Beta Released! Sorry, but very little or no documentation has yet been written. An AmigaJournal community is available for discussion.

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history.txt - History of AmigaJournal 28-June-2012

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AmigaLJ_BETA.lha - Full Distribution of Files (Executable and History only, at present) 28-June-2012

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